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Super Easy Samsa Dessert!

  Samsa Dessert Turkish Samsa Dessert Recipe Desserts with sherbet are special to Anatolia (Turkish) cuisine among the world cuisines. Actually, the secret tastes of Turkish desserts with sherbet is the most important stage that gives its taste to dessert and creates its shape. Of all desserts with sherbet of Cuisine of Anatolia (Turkish Cuisine), the most famous is Baklava dessert. It is so famous dessert with sherbet from the Turks world, Arabic-speaking world, mediterranean region and some part of European. There are many diferent types of baklava desert. But on the other hand, some desserts with sherbet are not baklava but they look like baklava desert very much. Maybe, most famous one is "Samsa Dessert". This is a dessert common all around Mediterranean coast Algeria, Tunisia, Balkans and Turkey. It is often triangular shaped. But we, here in Turkey, mostly make it as rectangular shape. In this post, we are going to share one of our desserts with sherbet with you. Its na

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