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Turkish Spoon Salad (Gavurdağı Salatası) Recipe

  Gavurdagi Salad How to Make Turkish Gavurdagi Salad (Gavurdağı Salatası)! The Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean cuisines are very rich in vegetables, fresh herbs, beans and fish. Olive oil is most widely used. There are many different kind of salads in these cuisines and they are consumed alot. Actually, salads are known through out the world and every region (or nation) has their own salads; such as "Ceasar Salad", "Greek Salad", "Tai Cucumber Salad" and "German Cucumber Salad with vinegar" etc. Healthy salad start with a variety of colorful veggies, fruits, beans, and mixed greens.  We, Turks, consume salads in the lunch or dinners alot. Also salads are an important part of the meze (side dish) spread at "Kebab Houses" (BBQ Restaurants) in Turkey. When you go to a kebab restaurant in any city of the Turkey, the waiter brings a salad (such as Gavurdağı Salad, Sepherd salad, Mediterranean Salad etc.) and lavash bread to the table with

Turkish Pickles (Turşu) Recipe

Stuffed Zucchini (Kabak Dolması) Dish