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Super Easy Purple Basil Sherbet (Drink)

  Homemade Purple Basil Sherbet Turkish Purple Basil Sherbet (Reyhan Şerbeti) Recipe Turkish cuisine and especially Ottoman cuisine hosts many kinds of beverages and liquid desserts. They are mostly called as "Sherbet", pronounced: "Shur - bit". Sherbet (drinks) have a very important role in Ottoman Cuisine and Anatolian (Turkish) Cuisine. They can be made with fruits, herbs, honey, rose and spices. They are mostly consumed on hot days of summer and they are very healthy drinks.  In this post we are going to share Purple Basil Sherbet (Drink) with you. Maybe, purple basil may seem like a strange idea for a cold beverage but it is surprisingly addictive and its ever changing purple tones are rather eye catching. We have consumed purple basil sherbet since we were children. This recipe is very unique, healtthy and organic mixture. And it comes from our grand-grand moms. Actually, all sherbets (drinks) in the Ottoman Cuisine are unique, healthy and organic beverages. W

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