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Super Easy Turkish Vegetarian Potatoes Dish

  Vegetarian Potatoes Dish Turkish Watery Potatoes (Sulu Patates Yemeği) Recipe We enjoy the cooler weather and look forward to autumn season each year. It is our favorite season. Autumn season is coming and weathers turn to cool here. After the autumn season cold winter season will come. Fortunately, Anatolian (Turkish) Cuisine isn't all just summer dishes and summer side dishes (meze dishes). Because, our Cuisine has lost of autumn/winter dishes. They are pot-dishes, stews and casseroles that are great for cool autumn days or icy and colder winter days when you need something warm and wholesome inside you. We call them "Tencere yemekleri", "Güveç yemekleri". In autumn and winter months, we use root vegetables like potatoes, beetroots, as well as leeks etc,. In this whole some dish. It also tastes better next day and freezer well. Especially, In cool and cold days, we cook watery potatoes dish alot.  In this post, we are going to share our one of the most simpl

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