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How to Make Semolina Hira Dessert

  Semolina Hira Dessert Turkish Semolina Hira Dessert - Soft Cookies in Syrup Recipe In this post we are going to share "Semolina Hira Dessert Recipe". It comes from Tokat city but it is very popular throughout the country. Actually, every region of Anatolia (Turkey) has its own unique cuisine (kitchen) that has been enriched over time by past civilization and people from different ethnic back grounds. Tokat city is one of these regions of Anatolia. It is city of Turkey in the middle of Black-Sea region of Anatolia. According to the historians; many different civilizations and cultures (and culinary cultures) have efected on this region since BC 4000. Its cuisine is amazing and has many different meals, desserts and side dishes; such as "Tokat Kebab, Tokat trator (Tokat Çemeni), Tokat grape molasses (Tokat Pekmezi), Tokat Hira Dessert etc".    Nowadays, "Tokat Hira Dessert - Soft Cookies in Syrup" is very popular throughout the central Anatolia regions. Li

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